Coin Master Rare Cards List 2021 - How to Collect Rare Cards

Coin Master Rare Cards List 2021 – How to Collect Rare Cards?

Do you want to gather a rare card in Coin Master? I’m going to share a list of Coin Master Rare Cards with you today, as well as some tips on how to collect them. In the list of rare cards, I’ll show you the golden card. I’ll also show the key to obtaining this golden card.

The coin master offers a variety of regular freebies, including spins, coins, and pet food. So, if you’re looking for information about how to collect Coin Master Rare Cards, you’ve come to the right location.

What Are Coin Master Rare Cards?

To complete a card collection in the coin master, you’ll need nine cards. Coin Master Rare Cards are those cards that are difficult to come by. You may obtain these rare cards by visiting the Coin Master Trading Group; additionally, if a friend has an extra card, you can obtain it from him.

In a single day, you can exchange up to 5 cards. There is also a limit on selling the Golden Card directly. Only at the Golden Event can you trade the Golden Card.

When you’ve collected all of the rare and golden cards, your card collection is full, and you’ll get spins and coins as a reward.

List of Coin Master Rare Cards

Coin Master has a variety of cards to choose from. Rare, mid-rare, and exceedingly rare are among them. The following is a list of rare cards in Coin Master, which encompasses all three categories. Only when new sets are introduced or when values change is this list modified.


Farmer Feng, Barrel Tank, Tall Tim, Cheerful Chad, Holy Monk, Satyr, Kettle, Smoking Pipe, Nessie, Phantom, Medusa, Genie, Santa Helper, SilverBack, Sneaky, Gnome House, Flamingo, Jaguar, Toto, Pink Eddy.


Mythical Tune, Santa, EI, Magic Tree, Kingsfoil, Fighting Monk, Creaky Crow, Mary Matlida, Scarecrow, Evidence, Excalibur, Fighting Fred, Hobby Horse.

Very Rare

Martin Lettuce, Elder Elk, Portly Pete, Cleopatra, Arm Strong, Torero, Aztec Princess,  Jelly Fish, Santa Sled’s, Little Lenya, Fondue, Frida, Mighty Wizard, Flamur the Flutist, Mythical Dome.

How to collect Rare Cards in coin master?

In the coin master, there are a variety of ways to collect rare cards. I’ll go over some of these approaches in greater depth with you.

Purchase and Open a Chest

Buying chests in each village is one of the easiest ways to collect coin master rare cards in Coin Master. Purchase chests in a particular order. To begin, purchase wooden chests and hold them open until a 4-star card is discovered. After that, keep buying Golden Chest until you have 5 Star Cards. Finally, you purchase a Magical Chest; by doing so, you will be able to obtain the Rare Card quickly.

Friends will trade rare cards.

You can swap a regular rare card with a friend if a rare card is with one of your friends and you want that card. Trade card with a friend is the name given to this form of card exchange.

Join our Facebook group to trade rare cards.

You can enter the Facebook community and collect the card in the same way you can exchange cards with your mate. You can exchange cards on the official Coin Master group, and there are also several trading groups of Coin Master fans where you can win cards by participating in giveaways.

Click here to Join Coin Master Facebook Group

Coin Master Rare Cards FAQs

Question 1. Do these cards have a high rarity?

Answer: They aren’t all difficult to obtain. Some are simple to identify, while others are not. All three types are represented in the rare cards coin master list above.

Question 2. Is it possible for me to buy these cards?

Answer: It is possible to purchase the cards, particularly if you are unable to exchange them. On eBay, you can find all three types. However, you should exercise caution because there are many con artists out there.

Question 3. What are the best ways to acquire rare cards?

Answer: They can be obtained in a variety of ways. You must first unlock the cards you need before trading or buying the chests. To prevent overpaying for cards, you should know their values before buying them.

Question 4. What is the best way for me to obtain the missing cards?

Answer: After you’ve finished building your villages and realized you’re missing a lot of cards, you can stop and start buying card assets. The ones that are missing will only be eligible if you order a large number of them. You should not wait too long because they would be hard to come by.

Question 5. I’m aware that there are a lot of con artists out there. So, how do I stay away from them?

Answer: The majority of these cards can be found in Facebook groups. To avoid scammers, ask group admins for assistance, particularly if you’re buying from a stranger or for the first time. Admins are familiar with transaction processes and can ensure that you get good offers.

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